Urban Living at Sea
With global population booming and real estate costs soaring, Seamount Structures, Inc. offers an innovative solution to continued urban development. Anchored three kilometers from shore, a single Seamount structure offers a platform of approximately 16 acres for housing, condos, hotel units, offices, and light industry.

The entire structure is anchored permanently to the ocean bed to be held in place at all times.

Considerable Advantages
This structural design offers many advantages over land-based urban development:

Protection against earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, storms, etc.

Reduced cost of site to purchase.

Multiple readily available sources of energy (solar, wind, tidal).

Complete recreational opportunities (boating, fishing, diving, sailing, jogging, etc.)

Prime ocean view real estate for residential and commericial zoning.

Versatile options for space management (apartments, condos, offices, etc.)